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April 24, 2010 is Born

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The Problem

For almost two decades I’ve been using the same internet nickname for game playing, email, forums and everything else that requires a login on the internet. The problem is that my nickname was a ubiquitous word that appeared everywhere. This meant getting search ratings were hard to get and made it pretty difficult for people to find my little patch of real estate on the web.

The Solution

Creating an internet handle that is unique, sounds cool and does not have a domain, gmail, twitter, or google account associated with it is pretty difficult to do these days. Finding something that doesn’t have thousands of search results is even harder. I was looking for a handle that I could obtain all these sites and utilities with yet be unique enough to rank high on the search engines. The ultimate find would do all of these things and still fit my persona.

The Result

After many whois lookups, google account trials, search engine tests and nights of brainstorming I finally came up with something I liked. Many people and companies have begun referring to computing and storage done on the internet as being in the cloud. In fact, it has become a pretty big (and common) buzzword in the tech community these days. We back up to the cloud, we compute in the cloud, we do word processing and emails in the cloud. The cloud is that nebulous network of computers unseen doing processes for people everyday and I am but an unseen traveler in that cloud. I am the ghost in the cloud. I am CloudWraith and this is my home.

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